Karen Barad, Feminist Studies

Feminist theory, physics, twentieth-century continental philosophy, epistemology, ontology, philosophy of physics, cultural studies of science, feminist science studies

Nancy N. Chen, Anthropology

Medical anthropology, visual anthropology, Asian American Identity, traditional medicine, mental health, anthropology of food, China.

David Crane, Film and Digital Media

Film and media theory, discourses on technology, digital culture, experimental media, critical and psychoanalytic theory.

Ben Crow, Sociology

International development, sociology of water and markets, global inequality, South Asia and East Africa, political economy, and green enterprise.

E. Melanie DuPuis, Sociology

Economic Sociology, sociology of consumption, sociology of development, political sociology, sociology of the environment, technological change, historical sociology, social theory, food and social change.

F. Joel Ferguson, Computer Engineering and Crown College Provost

Fault diagnostics, failure analysis, logic fault modeling, digital and pattern generation, design-for-test of digital circuits and systems, VLSI design.

Brian K. Fulfrost, GIS Coordinator and Lecturer, Environmental Studies

Academic coordinator, Geographic Information Systems Laboratory; predictive mapping, poverty and inequality mapping, food deserts and food environment studies; environmental data management and sharing, geospatial applications in environmental policy and impact studies.

Julie Guthman, Community Studies

Sustainable agriculture and alternative food movements, international political economy of food and agriculture, politics of obesity, political ecology, race and food, and critical human geography.

Craig W. Haney, Psychology

Applications of social psychological principles to legal settings, assessment of the psychological effects of living and working in institutional environments, social contextual origins of violence, development of alternative legal and institutional forms.

Donna J. Haraway, History of Consciousness and Feminist Studies

Feminist theory, cultural and historical studies of science and technology, relation of life and human sciences, and human-animal relations.

Dennis K. Kelso, Environmental Studies

Environmental policy, natural resource use, social theory and emerging technology.

Ronnie D. Lipschutz, Politics

International relations; international political economy, foreign policy; resource/environmental politics; global political networks; global civil society; film, fiction and politics; technology and science; states of terror; nuclear technology, strategy and weapons; political economy of oil and energy.

Paul M. Lubeck, Sociology

Political sociology, political economy of development, globalization, labor and work, logics of methodology, religion and social movements, Islamic society and identities, information and networks.

Dominic W. Massaro, Psychology

Understanding language, speech perception and reading, language learning and speech technology, pattern recognition, psychology of interactive media, psychology of art and new media, human-machine interface.

Margaret Morse, Film and Digital Media

Digital and electronic media theory and criticism, media art, media history, technology and culture, film history and theory, documentary and science fiction.

Richard E. Otte, Philosophy

Philosophy of science, philosophy of religion, philosophical logic, epistemology.

Sarah Rabkin, Environmental Studies

Science, health, and environmental writing; journalism; the personal essay; theory and practice of diary and journal keeping; the natural history field journal as scientific tool and cultural tradition.

S. Ravi Rajan, Environmental Studies

Environmental history and political ecology, risk and disaster studies, science and technology studies, North-South environmental conflicts, environmental social theory, environmental ethics.

Jenny Reardon, Sociology

Science and technology studies, history of biology and the biomedical sciences, critical studies of race, gender, sexuality and science, political theory, science policy.

Paul A. Roth, Philosophy

Philosophy of social science, philosophy and sociology of science, epistemology, history of analytic philosophy.

Warren Sack, Film and Digital Media

Mapping scientific controversy; information visualization; open source software development; public discussions of science, technology and society.

Rasmus Winther, Philosophy

Philosophy of science and philosophy of biology, pragmatism, and Latin American philosophy